Accessing your Knowingness from Thousands of Past Lives

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Accessing your Knowingness from Thousands of Past Lives

        Many of us are becoming familiar with a state of ‘knowing’, where we feel quite sure about some situation, knowledge, scenario in the process of playing out, or place we visit ‘for the first time’ that is familiar. What is the source of this, when it seems to give such clear direction? To answer that question requires, first, an acceptance of reincarnation, for indeed, most of us have had thousands of lives. Second, is the realisation that a higher aspect of ourselves, one that is not a part of physical incarnation, has stored every experience, every skill, culture, relationship and situation that we have experience through this hugely long journey. Now, we are starting to access this vast, personal ‘database’ built up over the ages. And so, we know.

        Intellect is no substitute for this real knowing, yet the two faculties can work powerfully together to ‘unpack’ that which is newly retrieved into a form that relates more fully to our daily lives. Once a ‘knowing’ has been consciously received, it exists, then, as personal information, but often, the nature of the new understanding means that it also needs to become integrated. We even have a good word for this process – to re-member. That is, to bring the pieces (members) back together. Pieces of our long, long experiential journey.

        There is the momentum of ‘informational habit’ (that which we currently 'believe') to be overcome before this integration succeeds, and even prior to the integration of relatively small new understandings, is achieved. That which we believe will hold on strongly in the face of that which challenges it! Our mind (our current thought forms) and knowing (long past experience) can so easily be in conflict, and our knowing dismissed – thus loosing the expansion of consciousness that comes with opening and growing this faculty (for that is what it is!)

        One of the drivers of this work is inevitably frequency. As individuals move up the frequency scale, both their ability to receive their own ‘knowings’, and the capacity to integrate them, are expanding. However, the two are not normally aligned, creating a barrier that thus needs attention. If knowings were to be integrated rapidly, our ability to grow beyond the present physical reality would be greatly enhanced, and the rate at which such new knowledge could be retrieved would increase, eventually going exponential.

        We are slowly expanding our ability to think with the whole body, for we have brain cells throughout our physical vehicle. It is helpful to cultivate a sense of the whole body as a receptor, and to be able to switch this on and off at will together with some simple controls. The gain (loudness) and ability to change frequencies would be sufficient for now. Moving our thought-focus away from mind to our greater whole of the body significantly assists the integration of our knowing.

        The challenge with integrating knowingness is also present with other forms of incoming energy. We have previously differentiated between the ability to hold energy (specifically the aspect of frequency, which a small but growing number are doing), and the capacity to completely integrate it (which, when achieved, moves us smartly out of this reality). Since all energy carries with it information (and, indeed, intelligence in some form), the thinking ability of the body as a whole can process it appropriately – but again, holding an incoming energy, and the ability to quickly integrate it, are most often not aligned.

        An expansion of consciousness is able to facilitate this alignment facility. As this is achieved, it releases a number of faculties that rely on rapid response to incomings of the kind outlined here. There is a simple process - first, it is necessary to recognise that some download is in process. Second, it is wise to develop a strong sense of the veracity of the download, for not every broadcast source is of the light, or of ones own source. Thirdly, to the extent that the incoming is of value, an appropriate ceremonial mode, including protection and focused on ‘accepting the gift’ of knowing and giving thanks, can speed integration of that which is being received. This small ritual is an acknowledgement, and further opens up the capacity to do this work. Do what works for you – but do have something along these lines available.

        The ceremonials of many older cultures originally had this acknowledgement / processing of various 'incomings' as a primary focus, but over very long timescales, the true purpose tended to become obscured. Those wise beings who held a direct understanding of the purpose of such ceremonials were not always present to correct these trends, and so the necessary skills slowly deteriorated, often becoming largely meaningless gyrations.

        We mention gyrations, because movement (when combined with other elements) can be a valuable aid to this integration process.

        At this point in our evolution, the ground rules have shifted considerably from ‘what was’. It is therefore appropriate to consider how, today, we might better facilitate this ‘receiving and integration’ of the hugely valuable personal database that is ours of right, and how to do so to maximum benefit. So, when the knowings start – don’t let them go, but encourage them and honour the process. You, the incarnated human, will expand as a result.

Love to all,

aka Xavier Hermes
Our task is to recognise our divinity as an immortal spirit: and to consciously manifest that divinity at the core of this physical incarnation.