Earth Humanity - the Heroes' Path

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Earth Humanity - the Heroes' Path

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Here is todays interesting communication!

And now, once again, we emphasis that you, Earth humanity, are in a transition that is unique in cosmic history.  There is good reason for this uniqueness, and we refer here first to the fact that your previous ascension attempt failed because of gross interference of the dark.  While this was, at the time, a trauma at every level, it has meant several things that have become elements of this uniqueness.

Next, consider who you are sharing your planet with. The last and most extreme group of dark physical beings in this galaxy were, over a considerable time, driven to and finally cornered in your solar system, and then imprisoned on Planet Earth.  It happened perhaps eighteen millennia ago - although some aspects of earlier linear time are somewhat distorted. For comparison, those beings known as the Annunaki first arrived on Earth about six millennia back.

This imprisonment was a huge relief for many in the cosmos, for this group had caused mayhem in many constellations and star systems.  It meant, however, that the Earth was to spend time as a hothouse of negativity the likes of which have rarely been seen elsewhere.  Thus, those who voluntarily incarnated into this realm were undertaking an act of considerable bravery, and great potential soul growth, that would be extraordinary. You were all aware of what this journey would mean at the onset.

These beings are what you know as the Archons. John Dee, of the Elizabethan era in Old England, is traditionally credited with having opened an off-planet portal, and thus allowing them entry to Earth. This, however, is a deception, something that is at the very heart of the Archon’s way of being. In actuality, Dee succeeded in summoning the Archons from deep inside the Earth, where they had lived isolated from other life-forms, for millennia.  The Archons are powerful in both mental and metaphysical terms, and what Dee inadvertently did was to re-focus their negative attention on surface humanity.

The scale of the human journey was compounded by the failure of the first ascension – meaning that the many volunteers multi-incarnating on Earth have actually gone around the whole process not once, but twice. In the toughest physical realm available you have spent over twice the time – and the associated number of lives – that was ever anticipated.

Much earlier, during the first half of this journey, you had reached – and earned the right to return to – significantly higher frequencies than those you are now immersed in.  The level of opposition, the sheer polarisation of your duality occasioned by the presence of your dark shipmates was a major factor, one that in other soul-journey scenarios would never be present.  A policy was thus decided some way back (in terms of your time) that you would be facilitated to return to that level which you had earned, when the time was right.  This policy was promoted and supported by the spiritual hierarchy for your solar system, headed by the being Melchior. This ‘right time’ is now upon you.

It is the case that no other specific soul journey – that is, entry into a new physical environment and working one’s way through all that it offers by way of soul growth – no such journey has ever been so profound in its scope, length of stay, or sheer toughness.  Many in other realms of consciousness believed that you, Earth humanity, were bound to fail.  And many now stand aghast at what you have achieved and are about to complete.

The story of the prodigal son is now coming to its fulfilment!

So, we suggest that you prepare yourselves to be greeted and feted as heroes.  You have trodden a path than many others dared not even contemplate. You have walked into the very jaws of darkness, and have not only survived, but have grown mightily in the process. Once you have re-connected with your own database of all that you have experienced here through many lives - as held for you by your higher aspects - you will truly appreciate the monumental scale of your journey, and all that has been achieved by humanity as a whole.

Taking into account that many of you were high beings before you ever came to Earth, your ‘fast track’ out of this journey as it comes to completion is also likely to be unique for the speed at which you will ascend – not simply to the next level, but, should you choose, through several levels of consciousness in short order.

aka Xavier Hermes
Our task is to recognise our divinity as an immortal spirit: and to consciously manifest that divinity at the core of this physical incarnation.
Dr.Druid Dr.Druid
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Re: Earth Humanity - the Heroes' Path

Thanks Brother Hermes,

My energy levels have been flagging and with it hope, it is tough down here isn't it.

I do understand however that my expectations and my inability to stay in the present are the cause of all my emotional ups and downs.

To let go and go with the flow is the only way to go.


Jason Druid
Be The Change
risingheart risingheart
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Re: Earth Humanity - the Heroes' Path

In reply to this post by Xavier Hermes
Hi Peter,

Yeah! I would certainly agree that we are heros. To volunteer to journey into the jaws of
darkness and not ascend the first attempt, yet not give up .... that is bravery. We learned
from the first failed attempted and understood the potential of our success. Apparently,
it was and is worth this journey to fulfill our mission. We are unique. We are tough. We
are co-creators and have grown mightily in the process. That is why we will success, it
is our destiny. We made it our destiny.

The time is right and we are ready .... the coming of our ascension is upon us.

I appreciate, Peter, your sharing this communication with us.

It felts so right in the reading and since I've been practicing my dowsing, I dowsed this
posting and got an emphatic ......YES!!!!  Need I say more.  

Blessings and love,
Bring the healing of our deepest self, giving what is endless
to those who believe their end is in sight, by brightening
their path.
Lady of the Woods Lady of the Woods
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Re: Earth Humanity - the Heroes' Path

In reply to this post by Xavier Hermes
How very eloquently spoken and thank you is not enough to express the gratitude for this transmission.
I give you a deep *Namaste* and heartfelt thank you for your communion.
I have so much I feel about all this, but I simply have no more words or interest in lame languaging anymore that would be adequate to express the lifetime of living in such a foreign land.

This dignified writing however, reminds me of a classic E.T. Manual by Zoev Jho, or Ms. Diana Luppi called "E.T. 101, The Cosmic Instruction Manual"...highly recommended!.....which is a hysterically funny rendition of what you have written. While her version has very accurate information as far as I deem, she has expressed it in a uniquely humorously sardonic way, that is sure to bring tears to your face of both humor and tears of relief. I don't know of anyone who didn't respond in this way, who can truly relate to the journey of a starseed or volunteer to this planet.

Click this link for some excerpts:

Lady of the Woods.
"Credendo Vides"
By Believing, One Sees.