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Electronic Communication

At this stage of our lives in-body, our communication ability is still in a sense tied to 3-D reality.  So, we have to use this method to communicate with friends across the world.

This morning I posted the following on a few other forums where there are people that are close to me.  Just to start telling others that we are here.

I Live where you Live - in Community and in Love.

Hey, check it out ... you have new neighbors.  Welcome us with good coffee and cake, or a herbal tea and for me, good south african wine will always do the trick.  We will respond with a welcoming, joyful and open-hearted potluck at our place.  

Our home is not yet completely decorated, we have empty rooms and the color scheme is not settled.  But, we are here and would like to know you, embrace you and love you.  Thank-you for the time that we lived with you, but it is now time to leave home.  

Your focus in life is to (quote the focus of the sites).  Our focus in life is to Recognize our Divinity as an Immortal Spirit: and to Manifest that Divinity at the Core of our Physical Incarnation.  We also plan to introduce two new functions: an element of service in supporting the outer world in this time of rampant change, through various programs: and to act as a publishing hub to help ensure that the best wisest posting and guidance have the greatest possible reach by placing them in many other places on the web."

We are one creative spirit, with different personalities and different tasks.  We will continue to visit you and leave behind the gift of what we are learning on our path of integrating with the One.  You are welcome to visit us at Quantum Light Connections and see what we are doing at The Global Change foundation.

With love and appreciation.  
Appreciation, Compassion, Forgiveness, Humility, Understanding, Valor