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Geolinking Trinities

Dear All

Yesterday I joined the Geolink, via a particularly powerful triangle or Holy was as if this initiation via the three of us had been waiting to happen for a long time, lifetimes even, and finally So It Was.  And it felt good! Powerful. Heat.

Yes it is all about Raising the Frequency.  When one's frequency is higher, we naturally behave and think  differently.  People living on lower levels can change entirely into 'new' beings once they have had some minutes of Qi or Energy poured onto them for example.  This may only be a temporary change, but the signs are still there. People, even so-called bad people or outcasts of society, can respond well to good energy and higher frequencies around them, almost as if they are taking a holiday from the usual darkness that surrounds them.  People generally adapt quickly to their environment anyway, so they have the ability to absorb good energy when it is present (as well as bad energy also.)  People who have no real grounding, who are easily influenced could go either way.  Give them a smile, they could smile back.  Shout at them, they are bound to shout back.  Bend and sway whichever direction.

So if our aim is to Raise the Frequency, create Xiana, people generally (the general mass) could find themselves smiling but they don't know why, like they have had a dose of acupunture!  They could find themselves simply feeling differently, and therefore behaving differently.....for the better of course.  

It is absolutely great that the Geolink has been created, and there is a network of like-minded people all dedicated to building a positive field of energy together, which is constant, high frequency, maintaining it as we go, and not just for the weekend. Of course there is no limit to the heights we can reach together, and the higher dimensions we can visit and live within.

It is true that a few can change the world.  And Energy is extremely powerful.  We need to raise the frequency, create Xiana, and raise the dimension that the general mass presently lives within.  It is crucial that we establish this new strength and foothold before end of 2012 and beginning of 2013, the beginning of a new 52,000 era. Of course, the illuminutties would have us all chipped, carrying ID cards,  an imprisoned planet of workers and not thinkers.....Yes, they were hoping to have this in the bag shortly, but they can see their plan is not as easy as it looked, as they underestimated the Human Spirit.

Yes indeed, as I understand it, 'humans' or people who frequent Planet Earth have been living on higher dimensions in the past, but fell back down to the lower-level third dimension.  This dimension calibration is based on the highest earthly level being the 13th dimension.  The Illuminutties would like the human race as a whole to drop even further down to the second, and they know that there is a race against time, a crucial Portal, where all present projects must find a conclusion by 21 December 2012.  Yes they know that this will be a type of Reckoning, where humanity can go either way....downwards or upwards.  And so it is the job of all beings like us within the Geolink to work together, to make sure that the future of Humanity is safe-guarded, by ensuring Humanity has been aided up a notch or two, and that there is no risk of falling down to the second dimension.

From what Peter has recently told me/us, it would seem that Humanity is on course in the right direction already, and that the general mass frequency has increased dramatically in the last year and half alone.  People are waking up, with Truth coming in at them from all angles.  The Light will always prevail.

So I am aiming that we as linked individuals, Spiritual Warriors in our own ways, can reach the 7th Dimension through our Light Work network, thus ensuring Humanity, the general mass, follows somewhere not far behind, between the 4th and 5th Dimension.  We who are dedicated and empowered have been given a unique opportunity to finally fulfill something we have all been trying to achieve in the past, a long time ago.

Now is the time.  We live in a very special time.  We are lucky.

And 2013 can be the beginning of something very magical but Humanity has a choice.  We must help make the decision.

Greetings to all.

Love and Light and Magenta Vibrations


2013 ~ What beauty.  End of the Old, Beginning of the New.  
On this wonderful Space Ship they call Planet Earth.