It cannot be 'Out-Fought' but it can be 'Out-Thought'

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It cannot be 'Out-Fought' but it can be 'Out-Thought'

On Project Avalon 'charles' has recently claimed himself a long time poster and is having question and answer sessions with the posting community there.  I staggered back at the masses of 'opinions' to wade through, the sheer noise level.  Project Avalon temporarily had to close down all new replies to the information while they are moving their site to a server that can handle the traffic.   I am using this as an example and I have no problem with what Project Avalon and Bill Ryan may be doing.  

People are awakening and desperately searching in a hunger to find anything real, to get 'ground under their feet' again.  The conditioning of humankind is such that this hunger momentarily gets satisfied by a quick 'elevator speech' or the thrill of the excitement of a 'charles' and the hope against hope that this type of experience will provide an anchor in an environment that has irrevocably changed.    

In the alternative community this is becoming a ludicrous state of affairs.  We've seen this 'sound bite entrainment´ in the msm for years, but now, in the alternative community the sheer din of noise is creating an environment where the fragile awakening humankind is being manipulated back to duality.  

Our own seeking is opening us to the manipulation of forces beyond the visible.  This is a manipulation right into a state of duality where a temporary and false state of groundedness exists.  It simply feels good for the moment.   We can see this in most all of the structures of humankind and most easily in the two party political systems that now is just everywhere.  Duality works and pays off for those that call themselves 'powers and principalities'.  I observe this manipulation as a shrewd move, utilizing the emotional activities of newly awakening humankind as the energetic path to create the opposite pole, the one of 'having an enemy', the one where you will find yourself in the same place as before, just in the opposite direction, a mirror image.    

The nasties are playing the duality game yet again and shrewdly 'seeding' this in the alternative community.  While the 'nasty' side has the money, the guns and the power, the alternative community is not yet spiritually mature enough to fight this fight outside of a dualistic structure.  

The sheer noise out there in most every sphere drowns out most everything of value and currently there is very little 'flow'.  There is in fact no grounding in anything that we are accustomed to currently.  Terra is moving underneath us, the ring of fire volcanoes are spewing, rains of epic proportions are washing away large swathes of land, massive sinkholes appear out of nowhere, the visible economics game is threatening to wipe out masses of the human population, everywhere one looks there are ominous signs of food shortages, the skies seem to be not our  friends any longer as we hear of the sun doing strange things and from everywhere we are being bombarded with thoughts of vast energetics from space that can and will attack us at a moment's notice.  The seas are alternatively dead, or creating new life, depending on who one listens to and don’t forget, the et’s are coming.

We're flying on this rock that is flying into a spatial sphere of other rocks that may either rock us into oblivion or rock us into awakening and renaissance, depending on who one listens to.  These issues are becoming the 'chemtrails of the mind' and the trailing poison clouds sink into the hearts of the newly awakening humankind.  So the cycle continues.

What then do we do?

We, humankind, our communities and ourselves need to step out of this cycle.  We have to create a phase shift.  To this, I am committed.  

- We need to read "the book of self" (a borrowed term) firstly and above all.  We hardly know ourselves and our strengths.  We do not know where our strength (or weakness), comes from and different psychological bases tell us different things.   We need to discover this and in this way, have it made real.
- We need to understand our past, become free of what is called Karma, and create our future, free of the warring dualists.  This usually is called the Third Way, or Being in Unity.  There is a wonderful flow to this process but it is not ever easy.  
- We need to psychologically, psychically and spiritually become whole.  This will allow us to step out of this duality that is being arranged for us and to which we are being enticed as surely as the bee goes to the flower.  The saying comes to mind:  "What if there is a war and nobody came?"  We need to be the nobody that does not step into the war of duality.

- Concomitant with knowing our own strengths, and weaknesses, we need to know our own reactions to circumstances.  What will you do when the ´fuzz´ comes knocking at your door wanting to wipe out your organic garden?  Or stop you on the road and feel you up because in their eyes, you are a slave and they need to ensure that you know this, while telling you that you are free.  Are you able to interpret the signals of your soul in order to distinguish between an organic portal pretending to be a human, and a human?  Who will you be dealing with?  And how will you remain in complete integrity?

What we need to accomplish individually and collectively is nothing short of:
- souls whole and strong to be able to discern,
- spirit willing to take on new adventures to be able to move on,
- individual and collective humanity developed to its highest potential to be able to be meaningful to our peers, friends and communities,
- our psyche whole to be able to be free of old programming
- our knowledge of ourselves complete, and
- our humility, grace and love for our fellow humans finely tuned.    

Where do we shift to?

The real manifestation of this is still hidden to us.  The real change that is almost fully existent with form and function in the unseen, is not yet visible to us with the naked eye.  Many claim that they know and many sell into the hope of the newly awakened akin to a new religion.  Duality is thinly veiled in most of these initiatives.  Knowing yourself is the only way that you will be able to distinguish in future.  The future that is now!   If there is but a hint of duality, or pride, or a sense of 'we solved it for you', a hint of 'we are better than they', or 'our plan will work for humankind', then it is like a war and back into duality.  And then you need to be the 'nobody that did not come'.  Nothing that is not in your 'book of self' will stand the test of time and indeed leave all of us whole during this period that we have already entered.  What is at stake is the continued wellbeing and freedom of humankind.  What needs to be the line drawn in the sand, is whether we will continue as slaves, or as highly evolved human beings.    

The ground under our feet in the next period of time will be our connections to those that are spiritually evolved, those that exemplify gnosis in our current environment, those that are Gnosine Frequency Masters.  You will recognize them by their essence and the frequency.  They are usually exceedingly humble people.  They may have a public profile but you will know them by the expression of freedom in their essence, those that teach by what they are and what they do, those that are incorruptible.    The place to step to is toward a community of the spiritually evolved.  Those are not easy to find as they are the first that will tell you that they are but neophytes and beginners in the road to freedom of humankind.  But they themselves carry freedom in their genes and their expression.  Michael Tsarion's term of 'Unslaved' comes to mind.

If we all make community with those, who may even be here specifically to teach us, then we will weather the next period of extreme upheaval.  If we shift phase, or in old language, get into a different head space, we will be all but invisible to those that call themselves the masters of the earthly domain.  In this space, we can continue inhabiting a ‘wholargy’ and not take part in the frequencial space of those who would want to continue to enslave us.   We need to shift out of their frequency range, and not take part, so that we can live free and create boundless miracles.                

      Think (a slave is a slave) ft John Trudell by thelevelshift
Appreciation, Compassion, Forgiveness, Humility, Understanding, Valor
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Re: It cannot be 'Out-Fought' but it can be 'Out-Thought'

Yes, that is exactly what we need to do is out think these guys. There mind power does not
exceed our mind power. Their money power does, so with that they can out fight us.

It's funny, I wasn't going to vote any more then Obama come along, okay, I said to myself
this will be the last time I vote. Then Coumo came along and I had to vote then.  Listening
to this fellow, John Trudell, made me see how I am fooling myself.  So, no matter what, I'm
not going to vote or continue to fall into their manipulative games anymore. They games
don't exist anymore. A slave is a slave is a slave.

They need to be out thought and I am definitely for it.
Bring the healing of our deepest self, giving what is endless
to those who believe their end is in sight, by brightening
their path.
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Re: It cannot be 'Out-Fought' but it can be 'Out-Thought'

In reply to this post by adminA
I agree with what you are saying with all my heart.

I was having a discussion recently with a very enlightened friend who seemed taken aback that I have not listened to this interview or that interview. I explained to my friend that the doom porn no longer served my greatest good. That my work and my purpose could only be found within. With so much disinformation and misinformation floating about that no source other than THE source could be trusted. I explained I no longer want to read about some other beings prescription for survival and/or evolution. While I have great respect for the many souls that are attempting to wake others, it is my sincere belief that the only way to waken others is by the example of my freedom. I have work to do in this 3D world and to get too bogged down in the Charles, Wilcock, project Camelot or other intrigues will ultimately only distract me from my mission to carry a frequency compatible with the new reality I/we will soon inhabit.

leona910 leona910
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Re: It cannot be 'Out-Fought' but it can be 'Out-Thought'

PS loved the Trudell piece you attached to your post. "Remember to really live, not just exist"
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Re: It cannot be 'Out-Fought' but it can be 'Out-Thought'

Totally agree with the above, and esp. Leona's addendum.  I've been burned too many times by people and forums drawing upon intermediaries, and hung around too long because I was (and still am to a degree) reluctant to trust in my own divinity.  Without those tough lessons though I probably wouldn't be feeling the push to enlighten 'by my own lights' which has been gaining strength in me lately.

I'm so grateful for this community of like-minded seekers, and will introduce myself when i can use a regular keyboard to write a longer post.

Peace out!
albion albion
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Re: It cannot be 'Out-Fought' but it can be 'Out-Thought'

Oh, and here's an addendum of my own...

I too surprised myself by not listening to the latest Camelot interviews, which i would have been so eager to devour right away few months ago.  I believed myself to be totally 'on top of things' and up to speed on all the latest developments.  I spent hours pouring over websites, readings books, and following rabbit trails thinking I was protecting myself, all the while neglecting my efforts at meditation and deeper connection with my higher self.  

Now I realize I don't want to give lower-formed agendas any more of my attention or energy, and finally know that the easiest, most graceful, and expedient way to 'win' is simply to rise above the negative-- as in raising our vibration above it.  And Bing!...done!  

My recent experiences with Braco the healer have been beautiful examples of how easy and fast it can be to share our higher vibrations with others, lifting people up with just a look, or even proximity.  I believe this is the wave of the very near future and all of the negativity in media is simply well-orchestrated distraction, disguised as vital information, to keep us from developing this simple elegant tool/gift/birthright.

This forum is always a light and a pick-me-up when I start to get discouraged.  Thanks for keeping it pure!

.......and now for a seeming contradiction the foregoing ;-)....

The one radio show and website that survived my big 'resign, delete, remove, unsubscribe' winter clean out is the 'Veritas' show produced by Mel Fabergas.  The level of discourse is without peer on the internet, or any other media, and I ALWAYS learn fascinating stuff that helps me connect the dots in a way that supports my continued growth and evolution.  Unlike many other shows I usually feel uplifted after listening, even when the content is pretty dark, b/c I feel empowered to either 'be the change' or confident that there
are viable alternatives to the subterfuge when such engaged and courageous people come together to share.

So I guess I still haven't totally kicked the "knowledge junkie" bug, but I do feel the show has a high vibe.


Fynn Helliscate Fynn Helliscate
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Re: It cannot be 'Out-Fought' but it can be 'Out-Thought'

This post was updated on .
In reply to this post by adminA
Hi Amarynth,

Many thanks for this post.  Yes, this whole process is difficult... it always appears this way but I do remember asking a very dear friend (Zurali) a couple of years ago if in the ascension process I could take my wife and children with me... and while the answer was along the lines of 'not sure' or perhaps re-phrase the question, I have found the answer is that 'of course they can' (pets too!).

But bear in mind where we are and what is happening... while the Geolink is growing in numbers and energy beyond all 'measure' it is energy like this that is facilitating not just the upward movement in resonance of our families (who are often not sure of what is happening and in my case, lovingly accept my truth and come a certain distance along my path... before reaching a point of 3D fear) but also the whole of humanity! (? maybe not absolutely everyone though...).

I do not profess to have all the answers, and I do not believe that all the answers are held by anyone yet... what I do understand is that after taking the path less travelled, via a long, long detour, I have found myself and I look inside myself to find my truth... which has lead me to Peter and to this group here and now.  

Don't get me wrong, I am far from being infallible, I still make my mistakes and I still have sooo much to learn... but I do so with an acceptance of not being perfect but by being in a place of love and in truth.  

The way forward is clear for me.  I refuse to let fear rule me, and I attempt to explain through love to my wife and young children what and why this is happening... they love me unconditionally... but their grasp of the situation is understandably difficult, yet they are still with me.  I am blessed by this alone... so how could I fail them, let alone myself... but let me not forget all of you that I have committed myself to, AND the whole of humanity who are to come with us.

Of course we loose our way, of course we have doubts on doubts, but from within we have courage and strength and magic beyond that which we currently understand.

Something that I have come to understand more fully recently is from Lao Tzu's writings:

"He who looks will not see it;  
He who listens will not hear it;
He who gropes will not grasp it.
The formless nonentity, the motionless source of motion.
The infinite essence of the spirit is the source of life.
Spirit is self.
Walls form and support a room,
yet the space between them is most important.
A pot is formed of clay,  
yet the space formed therein is most useful.
Action is caused by the force of nothing on something,  
just as the nothing of spirit is the source of all form.
One suffers great afflictions because one has a body.
Without a body what afflictions could one suffer?
When one cares more for the body than for his own spirit,
One becomes the body and looses the way of the spirit.
The self, the spirit, creates illusion.
The delusion of Man is that reality is not an illusion.
One who creates illusions and makes them more real than
reality, follows the path of the spirit and finds the
way of heaven".

Surely the key is what lies within us...?
The recognition that we have the strength to recognise this is the step which most of us have difficulty in accepting.

There are shifts that have happened already, however, we may be seeking direction for a way forward... perhaps this is where the discussion will take us (together) next Saturday...

Everyone has Everything to gain for Everyone... WE ARE the Pathfinders.  
This is not easy and while I still would like someone else to provide me with an answer it is not the correct way; I know the answer already.  

It is self, it is knowing truth, it is knowing love, it is knowing YOU who are reading this.

I believe that once we have a few of us aligned together in this 'next step', this alignment or comprehension of process; others in the Geolink and beyond will find themselves again, re-focused on the opposite of fear... Love, and then we will all understand from within our next steps, both individually and together.

Love and love as always,
adminA adminA
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Re: It cannot be 'Out-Fought' but it can be 'Out-Thought'

I've been closely following the events in Egypt.  The one thing that strikes me over and over again is the reporters saying, and the pictures showing ...

"The people have broken through their fear barrier."  

"The people have no fear."  

My senses tell me that this is a popular uprising.  If there were finagling in the background and if this was undue coercion to make this uprising happen, it is having the opposite effect.  Reminds me of two things .. Clif High's descriptions of 'GlobalRev' and Gerald Celente saying two things: "If people having nothing to lose, they lose it!", and also in his forecast trends for this year a continuing trend of Global Revolution.  

Another quote that I saw that is quite staggering:  "We are all Egyptians now."

And then another quote from a blogger/writer/singer/songwriter/modern shaman friend of mine:
" ... the psychic locks that have held the populations in stasis have now been broken. We are standing before the walls of a metaphorical Jericho.

The sound of magical trumpets fills the air but no one is directly aware of them. They’re hearing something but they can’t identify it. The effect of the sounds, is to open areas of awareness and action that do not depend on the reflection and judgment of the people involved. 

It’s always like this when the world goes into one of its dramatic change modes. All of a sudden everything is happening, as if it were detailed on a blueprint or in a book and no one questions it because they are in the middle of it. Suddenly, all the things they’ve been feeling, for longer than they can remember, have all come together in a defining moment. "

And more ...

"Its happening right in front of your eyes and it’s no big deal, right? Can you imagine what is going on behind the scenes at the moment? Given that this is a cosmic event, everything TPTW does, will be the wrong thing and work to their disadvantage. Everything they don’t do, will be the right thing, mostly, but they haven't engineered themselves for that yet.

We are officially in operational mode. Don’t forget that all kinds of super-natural potencies and possibilities are also operational too. "

The one things that makes me most happy is that we have lost our fear and we are being helped along by magical abilities, possibilities and preparation that we have all done.  This time we're in the process of breaking through the "Prison Planet" web.  

Love to all .. we are truly and really connected in a wondrous and magical manner.  The Egyptians are staying true after 4 days of tremendous will and focus.  They are staying true to a simple slogan:

 .. 'regime change'.  

Yes, let's stay true to ourselves and let our own truth be our media while we are effecting 'regime change' on all levels.  Our truth is what we have to project, but more than project, this is what we must be to get our feet truly planted in the new space that has no limitations.

I wish I could say this elegantly, with soaring and energising words, but, as you all know, I cannot write.  

So, just simply: "We are Getting To Where We Ought To Be! and, I'll Meet You There!"


Appreciation, Compassion, Forgiveness, Humility, Understanding, Valor
andjres andjres
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Re: It cannot be 'Out-Fought' but it can be 'Out-Thought'

You must be reading Rumi ... Me too.

Rumi wrote
Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I will meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about language, ideas,
even the phrase each other doesn't make any sense
Harmony through diversity.
Onward through the fog.
When it feels good: DO IT.
And Hang on Sloopy.
"All of these things and more
also shalt thou do.
But first always remember
to thine own's Elf be True."
Lady of the Woods Lady of the Woods
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Re: It cannot be 'Out-Fought' but it can be 'Out-Thought'

In reply to this post by adminA
Alll of the thoughts and sentiments expressed here are why I love this group. :D

I will add a little aside.....about being ''out thought''.....I personally dont bother anymore.....we don't even own our minds really....the astrals and techno gadgets work on them a great deal.
But they don't own the Heart....they can't touch that.....and it is there that we dwell with the Original Divine in unity and from there that we shall find our sanctuary and Home.....our sweet ride us through these times and take us through and out of this controlled dimension into the realms they cannot touch....a new dimension the Hearts of HuManity created just for those who reside there to have a real place/space to take up residence.......we will slip/slide right in. This is my prayer/plan/intention/command. So it is.
"Credendo Vides"
By Believing, One Sees.