Keyhole & Arrow (Pyramid & Eye) Crop Circle Decoded?

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Uwe Uwe
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Keyhole & Arrow (Pyramid & Eye) Crop Circle Decoded?

Here is my attempt at interpreting the keyhole crop circle, it's pregnant with meaning in regards to the birth of the new eon. please credit me if you use it. I specialise in symbolism within my art.
John Scott

I would say due to the alchemical/symbolic nature of the crop circle I would say the "s**t is going to hit the fan" around August 6th...Maybe. I'll explain the date further down. The keyhole crop circle may be inferring the merging of the energetic principles of Isis and Osiris, which is also confirmed by the circumpunct crop circle in the same field.

The Yod (finger of God) being the energetic male aspect of Osiris, the circle, the ovum or egg of Isis indicated by the circle aspect. The circumpunct (in the same paddock) is an ancient symbol depicting the conjunction of Sirius A and our Sun during the dog days.

I visited "crop circle connector" and briefly scanned the forum thread and noticed someone had seen a similar symbol to the key hole crop circle on another crop circle around the 6th August 1998 from memory, they hadn't found anyone to decipher the meaning of the first crop circle containing a similar key hole configuration, I could be wrong. That date of the "first" crop circle is significant though, mainly as Hiroshima was bombed on that date, this strengthens and links the "atomic" nature of this current May 16th keyhole crop circle. I do not think it means an atomic bomb, but I believe it is on the “atomic” energetic level, internally, which manifests "externally" if this makes sense.

I don't think people understand the principles of energetic alchemy of which is indicated by the Vesica Pisces symbol higher up in the YOD of the crop circle, the actual symbol is the most ancient known to man and is connected to the highest alchemical principles in Kabbalah. One can't escape this energy as it is in our very core of our subtle body system.

The supernal triad consisting of Kether (spirit), Chokmah (masculine) and Binah (feminine) are important to note here, mainly as the Vesica is an overlap of the "spirit" of Masculine and Feminine principles, but also the alchemical process of purification via... Salt and Sulphur. Then we move toward “Kether” and then the rebirth of the new age. So this glyph is helping us understand that we are at the sexual union of these male/female energies.

This is an alchemical reaction to do with the whole collective of humanity. I predict a polarisation into two equal parts, like a mirror and an eventual implosion in on itself toward the “monad” or “circle” as indicated within the Vesica symbol, this may take some time, I have no clue how long.
This symbol indicates a highpoint or symbolic aspect of a powerful final end point merging of many esoteric processes culminating into a final release of energy on the planet. What makes this crop circle so profound is that it is on an archetypal level.

We personally believe that the creators of this crop circle already tried to tell us something important through a similar pictogram appearing in the past at Lockeridge, near Avebury, Wiltshire. Reported 6th August 1998. If you look at the pictures below in more detail, you can clearly see that they resemble each other to a certain extent. For example, notice the basic shapes – the triangle inserted into the big circle which is surrounded by the same number of smaller circles. Furthermore, the similarity in the location of the three smaller circles on the top of the big circle is also very interesting. Maybe we haven’t yet understood the message expressed in the first circle and therefore the creators find it important to repeat the information for us to have another chance to comprehend it.

Jitka & Roman Hamar
-The Czech Republic

Only From The Heart Can You Touch The Sky.