Monatomic Gold ~ shifting between Dimensions/ Free Energy

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Monatomic Gold ~ shifting between Dimensions/ Free Energy

A Must-See Film/Lecture for anyone who has not yet seen it, for good reference:  

Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark.  
Ties in with moving between dimensions, the 'food' of the Egyptians, or perhaps the Annunaki who came to Earth to get more Gold.
Free Energy.

From the royal tombs of pharaonic Egypt, to the laboratories of modern science, comes the extraordinary account of gravity defiance and teleportation in the ancient world. The Book of the Dead refers to a hyper-dimensional realm called the Field of Mfkzt, which is now determined as a superconductive energy field of high-spin metallurgy. Liaising with modern physicists, Laurence Gardner has ascertained that mfkzt (known today as monatomic gold) was the secret of the pharaohs’ rite of passage to the Afterlife, and was directly associated with the pyramids and the biblical Ark of the Covenant, as revealed by inscriptions at the Sinai mountain temple of Moses.

With the old science now rediscovered, gold is fast becoming established as a logistically placed source material to the detriment of its traditional value as a currency reserve. As Laurence Gardner details, the advantages of the revived technology are astounding, especially in the fields of medicine and space travel, but the political and social implications of IMF-approved national bullion sales could be very threatening if not contained.

No reason is given in the Bible as to why the Ark of the Covenant was so richly contrived. It is portrayed as having awesome and deadly powers, but these are not satisfactorily explained. There is, however, no mystery to the Ark. Laurence Gardner explains that its story is wholly related to the dynastic House of Gold – the Messianic bloodline of ancient Grail Kings from the Old Kingdom pharaohs to King Solomon and the descendant Royal House of Judah.

What was the Ark of the Covenant? Where is the Ark? What were its relationships to the Golden Fleece and the Philosophers’ Stone of Nicolas Flamel? In fact, what is the Philosophers’ Stone – and how does it work? By accessing Rosicrucian, Templar and Royal Society archives, these questions are all addressed and answered by Laurence Gardner in Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark – thereby revealing the long forgotten secret of Royal Arch Freemasonry.

In the field of quantum mechanics, NASA scientists have recently confirmed that matter can indeed be in two places at once. It is now an established fact that, through quantum entanglement, particles millions of light-years apart can be connected without physical contact. Space-time can now be manipulated; teleportation is becoming a reality; gravity-resistant material is now heralded for air transport, and virtual science has led to a greater understanding of hyper-dimensional existence. In Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark, Laurence Gardner reveals that the keys to all this are: (a) Mfkzt – referred to by the Institute of Advanced Studies as ‘exotic monatomic matter’, and (B) the amazing technology of Superconductivity – acclaimed by the Center for Advanced Study as ‘the most remarkable physical property in the universe’.

It is clear however, from the documentary evidence of ancient times, that the attributes of superconductors and gravity defiance were known, even if not understood, in a distant world of priestly levitation, godly communication and the phenomenal power of the Electrikus.
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Re: Monatomic Gold ~ shifting between Dimensions/ Free Energy

Yes, this is a fascinating subject, this manna or Mfkzt. I had been trying to acquire, buy some, even make some..... :D....I went down a long barren path of ormus/manna/mfkzt/white power gold, beginning with Barry Carter and all those ''alchemists'' either purchase the proverbial philosophers stone or make I'm more interested in producing it myself within my own body.  I'm quietly convinced that our own glands are designed to produce such a substance, and will do so in time.....the true Mfkzt of Goddess Hathor, Mfkzt.....the inner Milk.

The patriarchs of the Hebrews literally gave the word Mfkzt the meaning of ''what is it'', .....based on their own perceptions due to certain kinds of blinders towards advanced Egyptian culture which had alien technology, Goddess's of unsurpassed power, and the mystery of Ascended Beings, or Light Beings.
Yet for the Egyptian culture Mfkzt was not a mystery, it was the Milk of Hathor, an enlightened Loving, nurturing, wise Goddess who assisted the Egyptians a great deal. The 'manufacturing plant' for this substance in that era was The Temple of Hathor. We see again, (hopefully) that a substance gifted by the Mother is the way to enlightenment, hence the arrival of priestly misogyny and the destruction of all such Temples, and the disappearance of enlightening substance of any nature.
The Alabaster Jar of Mary Magdalene is said to hold some ''oil'' of enlightenment which assisted Jesus in his Ascension. Quan Yin is always depicted holding a similar jar.
It is true that enlightenment and Ascension are gateways through which only high compassion, empathy and love can achieve. Excepting in our times, an emergency ensues, and plan Z is in effect and other means are going to take place to make a grand ascension of an entire species with planet ! :D
Me thinks the Photon Belt or Blue Fluff can be such a manna from Heaven coming to HuManity just for this. 
".....Manna is referred to repeatedly in the Egyptian Book of the Dead, Hermetic scrolls and the Bible. It is the mfkzt (Milk of Hathor/Ishtar), depicted on ancient stone carvings and pharonic cartouches, being offered to feed the Ka (spiritual body) of Pharaohs and was the essential key to transforming them and others into Light Beings."
The fact the temple was dedicated to the goddess Hathor is also noteworthy.  Being an aspect of Isis the Great Mother, Hathor had an astounding relevance throughout Egyptian history, with even the Ptolemys (including the last of their line, Cleopatra) continuing the worship of Hathor (when so many other Gods and Goddesses were being ignored).  Hathor was usually shown with horns, symbolizing an upturned, horizontal crescent moon, designed for “knowledge reception”, effectively a divine communication device. [1] [When Michelangelo portrayed Pope Julius II with similar horns, the Church was “somewhat disconcerted” with the idea, but Mikey and Jules may have known better.  The horny Julius may have been representative of Jules having a direct communication link.]  
Also relevant to our discussion is the fact that [1]: “it was from the milk of Hathor that the pharaohs were said to gain their divinity, becoming gods in their own right.  In more ancient Sumerian times, during the days of the original Star Fire ritual, the bloodline kings who were fed with the hormone-rich lunar essence of the Anunnaki goddesses were also said to have been nourished with their milk -- notably that of Ishtar.” [aka Inanna]" .

Soma and Amrita are more substances produced by the Vedic Deva's, again feminine deities, purported to transform mortals into beings of Light and Immortality.

My thought is that this substance of enlightenment, hormone rich Mfkzt, is contained within every human through the glands or endocrine systems (muggle words :( ) that we ourselves produce in states of high vibratory feelings as in empathy, compassion, child bearing and love....secretions, juices or manna or milk, even gold dust, yet found more prevalent in the woman, and one such one is called oxytocin..... affectionately called ''the love hormone''.....
"Once believed to confine its effects to inducing labor and milk ejection, oxytocin actually has far-reaching effects on both sexes. You could not fall in love without it. These days it goes by nicknames such as "the bonding hormone," "the cuddle hormone," and even "the love hormone."

The primary conscious behavior or thought process that increases oxytocin is caring for another. Appreciation, generous touch, gratitude, and emotional connections with others also raise oxytocin levels. In addition, oxytocin appears to be behind many of the health benefits from meditation, massage and acupuncture. We see one of oxytocin's most powerful effects at birth - when the mother and father bond with their child. At that moment, oxytocin surges causing a rewiring of both parents' brains so that they will do anything for their little screaming creature. Under ordinary circumstances they remain permanently in love." 

...''permanently in love'' what a concept ! I want it  LOL....

I believe Ascension and becoming the Light Body was common in Ancient Egypt because of Hathor's Mfkzt. Ascension requires these juices/keys of Love, Empathy, Compassion to pass through, the glandular secretions of serotonin, tryptophan, oxytocin, dmt etc = milks/manna's/mfkzt of Mother's Milk....( of the letter ''M'' again....another topic entirely!)
The Goddess Hathor was/is worshiped as the cow deity, and the practice of Agnihotra is the process of purifying the atmosphere through specially prepared fire....specifically the burning of pure cow dung at specific times producing a sacred ash. This healing fire comes from the Vedas, the most ancient body of knowledge known to HuMan. The Ancient Vedas being held still sacred among the Indians today believe the cow is a sacred being who roams the lands freely. Respect for the Goddess Hathor and her sacred cow ash ? It certainly does produce miracles, I have seen it work here on my own property.
Maybe this manna or milk or mfkzt of Hathor is the enlightening substance for the human from within, and the Agnihotra cow ash is the enlightening substance for the environment without? Both products of the sacred cow....hummmm.

"Credendo Vides"
By Believing, One Sees.
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Re: Monatomic Gold ~ shifting between Dimensions/ Free Energy

Lady of the Woods wrote
.... now I'm more interested in producing it myself within my own body.  I'm quietly convinced that our own glands are designed to produce such a substance, and will do so in time.....
That is more or less where I am at ... internal alchemy.  And for me, this is the alchemy of being able to use the resonant forces of true creation.  If we go back to many many stories of how the earth came to be, and how people came to be on her, over and over we see:  Words / idea / thought made it to be, or one African story, the earth was brought up by a big old snake.  Seems to me, and this is just theory currently, that if we can harness the true energetic vibration of say gold, without any 'step-down' to existence in 3D, then we can create.  And if we create, we do alchemy.  

I seem to be moving away from a technical alchemy, to an inner spiritual alchemy.  
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Re: Monatomic Gold ~ shifting between Dimensions/ Free Energy

In reply to this post by Zurali
Alex Putney reported on the issues with monatomic gold on Redice Radio awhile back. His comments on DNA changes are worth considering before using this substance.

Alex Putney wrote
Betelgeuse & the Red Dawn

Celestial waters were the primary enablers of this advanced psychoacoustic Atlantean technology, by which human bodies became superconductors of electricity. The suspension of gold and silver nanoparticles enhances the conductivity of the body by creating a pathway for electrical flow without shock. Shock waves do not form inside crystals for the crystal lattice distributes pressure evenly and the whole mass is set vibrating in unison. The celestial waters maintain the integrity of the body's cells during exposure to the electrical currents inside the pyramids at resonance. The gold and silver nanoparticles are from 2-10nm in size and act as transducers in the body, converting electrical pulses into light pulses.

Gold nanoparticles scatter RED light inside all of the cells of the body. This is the key to understanding the words of the pyramid-builders concerning the "heavenly red light of eternal life"! The fact that these water sources are still flowing, and in fact greatly increasing their output with time, is primary evidence that the pyramids are automatically roaring to life with the input of infrasound energy from solar storms as we approach the full onset of the new solar age. These widespread effects are already being observed.

(*Note: monoatomic gold, aka white powder gold, does NOT scatter red light, and is not recommended!)
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Re: Monatomic Gold ~ shifting between Dimensions/ Free Energy

In reply to this post by Zurali
It'a a shame that the documentary wiring is not available anymore. It added to this special subject
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