Some Guidelines for Navigating the Ascension / Descension Process

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Some Guidelines for Navigating the Ascension / Descension Process

These guidelines in note form have just been updated mid June 2011:

1) Humanity is going through a truly remarkable evolutionary jump or transition.  It potentially changes who we are quite radically.
2) The first major outward sign of awakening to the transition is when individuals start to question the world around them.  This is happening wholesale now! But the ‘newly stirring’ are very vulnerable to hi-jacking by those with nefarious intent.
3) Revelations and Disclosures are one of the most powerful activations of this, serving to trigger the questioning process. An awakening as to what is really going on!
4) As we do this we take the first step on a journey of upward frequency.  
5) We all understand the idea of ‘good vibes’ and ‘bad vibes’, and it is easy to follow that the good ones exist at higher frequencies than the bad.  Actually, these can be calibrated and plotted on a scale
6) The relative scale of consciousness frequencies was developed by Dr David R. Hawkins.  It showed that humanity had been stuck at 200 (on the scale) for many generations. Above this level, an individual naturally starts to rise slowly.  Below this the individual starts to fall slowly.
7) We each inhabit a frequency bracket, essentially the ‘highs and lows’ of our day-to-day lives.  So, this might be expressed as 235/391 – representing the low followed by the high.  Depending how much time you spend at the extremes of this scale, your own frequency average will differ.  So, if we insert the average in the middle, one person might show as  235/267/391, while another shows as 235/346/391.  The second is considerably more positive.
8) The old reality and its low frequencies that we have lived within for so long is now highly dysfunctional, and dying.  The New Reality is at much higher frequency, and so we each need to make a journey upward through frequency, ideally consciously, and while actively working to embrace higher frequencies and eliminate lower ones.  Essentially we have to eliminate all those negative traits that have been a feature of the make-up of humanity while in the old duality.
9) Many emotions, states of consciousness, attitudes, spiritual practices and other acts that hold frequency can be calibrated onto the extended Hawkins scale.  We can then use this knowledge to help facilitate the frequency journey.
10) Calibration can be achieved by pendulum dowsing over a suitable chart or by kinesiology; possibly there are other ways too.
11) Our destination for this frequency journey is thus a substantially higher frequency band in which a New Reality is being formed.  The old reality’s negative traits cannot thrive in these higher frequencies.
12) The frequency band usually referred to as the 5th Dimension is the home of this emerging New Reality.  This dimension commences at around 7800 on the relative scale, and goes to about 64,000 – a far wider energy band than the old duality that is now ending. The focal point of the New Reality appears to be at a frequency of around 35,000.  
13) Just to complicate things, the whole scale seems to be constantly on the move (generally upwards) – possibly because it was always intended to be a ‘relative’ scale, and we are all on the move.
14) Most people focus on achieving what represents energetic ‘highs’ – perhaps good works, religious devotions, supporting others, etc.  But the greatest personal danger on the journey is crashing your frequency by doing ‘negative’ things.
15) The challenge is that it takes increasing time to recover the further along (up) you are when you crash.  In the first half of the journey this is more important than moving the highs higher – to levels where recovery from a crash takes much longer.  By the second half of the journey you really should not be crashing since all the negatives are by then gone!
16) So, anything you do that is vindictive, angry, autocratic, motivated by greed or other self-serving interests, dishonouring of others, undermining others, control focused – and many more – any of these will crash your energetic system.  It is the energy equivalent of the game of ‘Snakes and Ladders’ made very, very personal.
17) In this journey there are no solo runs.  Peer groups of sovereign individuals willingly working together to enhance their frequency have the most capable vehicle for the journey.  Any positive grouping with even the vaguest higher purpose helps.  This puts a strong emphasis on appropriate forms of community
18) Community can provide an excellent overall environment for ascension, especially if that community is like minded with a conscious focus on the journey in some way.
19) Those choosing to isolate themselves and work on their own have a far bigger challenge, which for most, will prove close to impossible.  
20) The essence of this journey is co-operation between expanded individuals, with large amounts of mutual support and pro-active working as key ingredients.
21) The Hawkins scale of consciousness, extended to the 5th dimension, provides a way of understanding relative frequencies, and is thus a great navigation tool
22) There is an important difference between holding and integrating a level of frequency.  ‘Holding’ means you can be constantly present with it, including within your body, without damage or discomfort.  ‘Integrating’ means that this frequency is present right down to molecular level, so that your body will resonate that frequency, and even entrain others around you.
23) We are all magical beings – it is essential that we learn to use this.  It is a part of who we are, hugely empowering if used within a framework of integrity
24) This is why religious teachings and many societal memes discourage us from using our magic – it helps us break out of their control systems
25) We have many latent faculties – many are those that we had when we started this foray into 3D physicality (many, many lifetimes back), but lost during the ‘fall’ down through frequency.
26) As we journey back through increasing frequency, our magical faculties start to become available to re-activate. It seems pretty essential that we bring these forth again, and we do so by giving them attention, and starting to use them.
27) Guidance has indicated that there are over 100 such ‘higher faculties’ – and that, at the present time, we only have a frame of reference to understand around thirty of them!
28) We can also bring the sum total of all our earthly experiences on-line through expansion of intuition – this is a huge personal database of knowledge accumulated through (for most of us) many thousands of lives, and held recorded and available for us by our higher selves.
29) The upwards frequency journey towards the New Reality really needs to be consciously managed, and ideally in the context of a group of like-minded others providing mutual support and encouragement
30) Placing a beacon where we wish to go is extremely helpful.  It can be a sacred geometry structure, ‘envisaged’ into the 5th Dimension.  Alternatively, it can be an entity, constructed for the purpose by a group, resident in the 5th Dimension and tasked to help its own group move forward. Essentially, this latter is placing a part of yourself in the New Reality
31) Although this refers to the 5th dimension, there is a new ingredient that takes us away from duality, essentially to a frequency band that parallels the 5th.  This is based in what has been called ‘trinity-in-unity’ although there are other names too.  Essentially this is a combination of light, dark and universal consciousness, the latter being fully connected with the evolved humans inhabiting this band.
32) Visioning what we see and want is a powerful tool (which we call ‘imagineering’) to enhance the creation and manifestation of the New Reality.  This is especially powerful when done by groups.
33) The Ascension (of humanity) and the Descension (of universal consciousness into this physical realm) are happening simultaneously – just like that great painting in the Sistine Chapel of God with an arm pointing down, and man with an arm pointing up, and the spark passing between them!
34) *We can use mutually supporting energy structures to reinforce our moves up through frequency: we have one that is called the Geolink (please ask by e-mail if you would like a copy of the process).  The Geolink appears to have three main functions:
• Raises the frequency of all participants
• Assists in stabilising personal frequency
• Is a mechanism for bringing forward and sharing higher faculties

Of course, there is always much more to say – but I trust that those readers consciously seeking the New Reality will find these comments and guidelines helpful to their quest.

Xavier Hermes
Our task is to recognise our divinity as an immortal spirit: and to consciously manifest that divinity at the core of this physical incarnation.