That Tipping Point - Introducing Change you Really Will be able to Believe in!

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That Tipping Point - Introducing Change you Really Will be able to Believe in!

        Firstly - Bravo Clif High for sticking to your guns!

        The thing about the so-called ‘tipping point’ is that it does not generate instant drama. It follows the rule of 'energetic change first, followed by manifesting change into the physical'. What has just happened is that a state (energetic) which has been endemic across human affairs for generations has now been overtaken by another. The long extant state is that of control (a huge collection of memes and negative vibes) through fear and the tensions associated with it. This has been overtaken by ‘freedom vibes’ and the accompanying mental state of ‘breaking out from control’ showing up as one of release.

        Of course, there are other aspects to the tipping point, but this is primary amongst them, a ‘driving energetic’ if you will.

        The Illuminasti have been trying to hold back the human resistance to fear, the freedom gene, through whatever desperate fear generators they could activate. We can only really be controlled when we are in fear. One by one these fear-actions have lost their potency, and so, progressively, the cause of the old controllers has been lost, with no possibility of recovery. As the illuminasti have been increasingly exposed, especially by the web, they have moved in the mind of the populace from having an almost god-like status (and the control that went with it) to being seen for the greedy and dysfunctional sociopaths that they are. It is not, as they say, a pretty sight. The changing perspective is no longer something that people will continue to buy into – and nor have they.

        Humanity at large has at last begun to realise that their emperors have no clothes. And can you imagine just how fast such news travels?

        There was a written prediction from some 80 years back that the illuminasti (though they were not then known by name) would 'hold a sword of damoclese' over America, but finally demise through their own arrogance. That final stage is where we are – right now.

        The fact that the bully-boys theft-based system of money, foreign exchange, traded instruments and derivatives, inflation and other forms of taxation is imploding only serves to exacerbate their situation. Then , there are many, many, MANY around the planet who have been paid handsomely to be loyal. Sorry guys - no more money... So, the ‘loyalty-for-hire’ brigade are now mostly gone, and with them a whole layer of illuminasti ‘middle management’, the people who kept things happening on the ground.

        As the collapse accelerates, there are many who have been kept in place by sheer intimidation, people who now feel a breath of freedom – and act accordingly. Expect to see growing legions of whistleblowers, competing to bring their stories to public attention. Expect the scope of these stories to go way beyond what even the most ardent of conspiracy theorists ever dreamed.

        Perhaps most importantly, at the very top of the illuminasti (at least, in incarnated form) many of the older generations may stick with their hard line illuminist thinking – but this is not true of the younger generations. For quite some time, many of them have simply not bought in to the illuminasti story, and instead have been disaffected by systems designed to demean and control them - some even seeking ways to start the healing process to balance out all the negativity that has for so long been generated.

        We said there is little drama – at least, not on day one. But you will not have long to wait. As the illuminasti structures enter their final break-up, the evidence will be there, writ large. In the theatre of the world stage, the tragedy will be reversed, much comedy will ensue as come-uppances overwhelm the players, and justice will finally out.

        You have a ringside seat. So enjoy!

        Xavier Hermes

Our task is to recognise our divinity as an immortal spirit: and to consciously manifest that divinity at the core of this physical incarnation.
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Re: That Tipping Point - Introducing Change you Really Will be able to Believe in!

I'm going to go very far out on a limb here.  The alternative community just about crucified clif because there was no 'big-bang' on a certain date.  Those of us that are watching though can literally see the progression from tension-building language to release language in the sphere considered to be the playing field of those that call themselves the 'elite'.  We seem to be staring down a ww3 or worse.

Here is where I'm going to go off of the rails ... bear with me.  I think that clif and his helpers 'saw' these things developing.  I think that by publishing what they saw, and creating a certain energetic around those words, they headed off at least some of these.

I am learning that if I enter into a creation process, it is necessary to give time to the negative.  NOT to dwell on it, but to RELEASE it.  To give an example, I am an exceedingly nervous passenger.  If someone else drives, I 'see' all kinds of things develop.  To get this under control, I now visualize a safe journey or passage, but give time to what I think can happen and literally release those bad happenings and their probabilities.  The process goes something like this.

 Uh Oh! so and so will be driving, flying the plane, captaining the boat and they are not very careful, they drive too fast or too slow or they chat too much and don't pay attention.  Then I say .. yes, all these things may happen, but I visualize a safe journey and the fact that I recognized what could happen, puts me in a position to release those possibilities.  And then I visualize what I want the outcome to be.

Somehow universe seems to be content that I released what I do not want to see happen and co-operates nicely with the outcome that I want.  

This brings me back to clif and his internet data gathering devices and methods of language analysis.  Here is an article that was posted today :

It is no co-incidence that this article is called Mastery.  This is the first written work that I see where clif and his helpers refer to tptb as 'the powers that were':  
So they fell back to Plan 'B'..... also please note that tptw (the powers that were) undoubtedly have Plan B as a bolded statement in their minds. This is due to their whole attitude of "we are the grown-ups in this world" and we have 'really really serious plans'. Yeah..right (sarcastic derision here).

Then, to add to what I said in the initial paragraph, that some crazy happenings may have been headed off energetically, this quote:
Note, and you may certainly argue with me, that the planetary populace focus on the potential for a [nu-war] beginning with the [israeli mistake] has contributed to the destruction of potential emotional energy for that war to exist. Also note i am not saying anything more than words from hph *participated* in the process of grounding that potential war. It works on an energetic level beyond the condensate matter plane which is the 'place' where your body, the planet, universe and all the pies exist. It works at this energetic level by concentrating 'attention' which is a form of 'directly focused consciousness (note...little 'c' consciousness, not BIG 'C"). This directly focused consciousness acts as a spot light may act on a particularly vulnerable area of a house, which is to say, preventing burglary and other mischief due to the 'exposure' to the whole neighborhood.

Then, a short but very telling statement for a few of us that have been involved in utilizing our higher creative powers:  This is
Ok, she's back.
This ties to a post that I made earlier in the week.

I was quite tentative in writing this, as it is quite 'high magic' and we don't want to scare people now hey!   

This paragraph: "Might this journey with our newly summoned entity activate a rapidly unfolding story of new creation?  Just imagine co-creation empowered by partnering with an entity that functions as our future higher self, that has boundless energy, that is a cosmic being and - just like our childhood ‘invisible friend’, is personal to us - but with powers that are staggering."

Let me be less tentative.  We, a few of us, did indeed create such an entity, and yes, she is female.

Today is the first day that I know without a shadow of a doubt that the old controllers are simply that:  the OLD controllers.  While we still see the end pieces of their reign play out, they know they need to go.  We are doing it!  We are ascending for those that believe they are on that path, or creating a new heaven on earth, depending on your choices.  We are creating a new reality - and this time we are creating it with knowledge, with focus, with hope, with love and most of all with help from higher sources.

Let's finish the clean-up task, let's help those that need help, and let's move effortlessly between our new home, whichever dimension it may be, and our old home for a while, to lend a hand to those that are going to be suffering while they seek hope.  At this time, we are the ones that know and see and have the ability to act and respond.  

I declare that we are those Gnosine Frequency Masters and that we are beginning to master our own set of tools of creation.    
Appreciation, Compassion, Forgiveness, Humility, Understanding, Valor
andjres andjres
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Re: That Tipping Point - Introducing Change you Really Will be able to Believe in!

I agree that she indeed has returned. Apparently, her presence was forced into seclusion in the middle of 2001 when the bad-boys showed off all of their fancy new destructor ray machines.

Thank God that's about all over and done with.

So now my intent is: Firmly focusing upon the heart with its virtues along with gentle encouragement towards those parts of myself now finding the courage to reveal; then to always strive to cultivate those sweet qualities inculcated through the B.S. Law most certainly can and will provide the necessary guidance for making the correct choice both for myself and for my group towards a greater integrity warmth and truth.
"All of these things and more
also shalt thou do.
But first always remember
to thine own's Elf be True."
Lady of the Woods Lady of the Woods
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Re: That Tipping Point - Introducing Change you Really Will be able to Believe in!

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This is interesting.
When I read this article from clif, I had wondered if he had been reading from this site, viz: 'tptw''

On another note, I know that future beings are here, ''Ringing'', the new frequencies of an ascension ''already done''.....they Sing from the Heart of this Elevation in every moment, within the 3D matrix.

''I declare that we are those Gnosine Frequency Masters and that we are beginning to master our own set of tools of creation.'' 
"Credendo Vides"
By Believing, One Sees.