The Final Scenes of Duality

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The Final Scenes of Duality

This message came through a couple of days ago, and is really quite simple in what it has to say.  I saw it primarily as one for Rumor Mill News, where I have posted it too.  But I thought you also might like to see it.   XH/Peter


What is playing out now is the start of the final scenes of duality. The global drama will escalate until it reaches such a crescendo that it will not be possible for us individually to keep up with it. And this is the point. Somewhere along the way it is necessary for each of us to finally detach, and to focus on building our own, localised reality into a complete replacement for the old, rapidly dying, false reality.

The question each of us must ask is ‘What really matters’. This is a core question, for most of what we rely on in the world around us is turning out to be false, and we need to develop the discernment to see what remains real, and know what of that is important to us.

The old false reality is very largely noise, smoke and mirrors, driven by fear and manipulation as practiced by the elite old powers. Thus, we can expect its final demise to have these same qualities – huge amounts of noise, much effort to generate fear, and truth being largely absent in all that we hear for media interests controlled by the old powers. But the fact is that, over recent times, most of the population have come to realise this falseness and manipulation to some extent – and even if they have not actually connected with the scope of the manipulation going on around them, they suspect that far more is false than they have actually been able to directly recognise.

This underlying awareness is the catalyst for change driven by the population, working together and across all sorts of social and cultural barriers. A great unifier! Community will thus return as a primary component in what happens next. People, even in relatively small groups, can do far more than those isolated in ones and twos. Much old knowledge will need to be recovered – how many people, today, have the skills for self sufficiency? Simple skills like gardening, how to ensure water is potable, how to keep warm when the energy sources we rely on are gone? In ‘modern society’, there are very few who have much in the way of such skills. By pooling knowledge, however, community groups can re-connect with and evolve these techniques rapidly, gaining community stability and personal fulfilment along the way.

More important still, is the evolution of our individual journeys through frequency. It is this that finally removes us from the old scenarios, and from the negativity that framed and gave life to them. They simply cannot exist at the higher frequencies to which we are all invited - if we are willing to make the journey.

Thus, a community is well served if it encompasses both that which is needed for material survival alongside a growing sense of things spiritual. A community’s ability to include appropriate ritual, recognition of higher presence in all things, and an understanding of our place as immortal beings incarnated in the physical realm will expand its effectiveness enormously. When balanced with the daily operation of our material world this gives a platform for our entry into the New Reality.

So - just accept the invite, get focused on the implications and givens of the journey...and, by taking this higher path, help accelerate the shift to the New Reality.

Xavier Hermes
Our task is to recognise our divinity as an immortal spirit: and to consciously manifest that divinity at the core of this physical incarnation.