The Many New Energies arriving are a Game Changer

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The Many New Energies arriving are a Game Changer

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Many now know that new and highly charged energies are arriving on Earth from the sun and various space phenomena.  Others are rising from the core of the planet.  They combine to create a constantly morphing environment, energetically speaking, for humanity.

These energy changes are racing through our bodies, and through all their energetic and subtle aspects.  This means that we are, of necessity, somewhat disoriented – often disconnected, sleepy, grumpy, enervated and the like.  Or indeed the opposite – hyper-active for a while, and feeling very inspired, only to crash back to the opposite polarity again.  It also means that certain negative aspects of our emotions will be exorcised as ‘their frequency band comes up’ – explaining why, for instance, large numbers of people have been recently been experiencing anger and a sense of conflict in the same few days.

It is not that these emotions are being removed, but the challenge is that they have been greatly tainted by many lifetimes of fear, the primary control tool of the illuminati.  There is no dishonour in this – it has, after all, been completely endemic on the planet for millennia, and all reincarnating beings, without exception, have in some way had to alter their responses to the physical realm because of it.  One might call this shifting an act of self-preservation, although the range of possible responses is actually larger than this term would indicate.

Indeed, this is far from emotions being removed.  At the moment, many people are understandably reluctant to show true emotion, the reason being a combination of inner emotional damage and necessary external guardedness.  Now, as emotions are cleaned and cleared of the illuminati’s fear factor, humanity will become more volatile (in a positive sense denoting ability to rapidly respond and act), less ‘dumbed down’.  This volatility will be purposeful, since it also activates the many objections to the outgoing illuminati rule from relatively static thought form to a more pro-active capability – thus, perhaps, ensuring that the illuminati are, indeed, outgoing.

The volatility itself will be a passing phase, for as the emotional repertoire of each human being becomes more refined, the need for such emotional discharge will evaporate.  By which time, it will have done its job in reinforcing the exit of the illuminati.

For those who are succeeding in holding higher frequencies, these emotional clearings will have an effect, probably challenging in the short term, but its various stages are unlikely to cause too much anguish.  For those who are holding grimly to the ways of the past, however, this has the potential to cause a very bumpy ride indeed.
Our task is to recognise our divinity as an immortal spirit: and to consciously manifest that divinity at the core of this physical incarnation.