The world is running out of Water for agriculture - but there are options!

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The world is running out of Water for agriculture - but there are options!

Richard (SaltyDawg) recently drew my attention to this article:
It describes how scientists are showing that the planet’s aquifers are being swiftly depleted by over use in agriculture.  This has the obvious knock-on effect of land steadily becoming unusable for growing – at least, in the context of current industrial scale farming practice.

There are some interesting alternatives emerging.  Since three of us (Christa, Richard and me) talked about permaculture and how it might be 'industrialised' for mainstream agriculture a while back I keep getting a nudge that there are several potential 'crossover' technologies that sit between permaculture, hydroponics and the kind of elemental-based growing that the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland is famous for.  

Viktor Shauburger, the famous Austrian forester, had some fascinating agricultural vortex technologies (= generating highly energised water in small quantities for rapid and wholesome plant growth), along with completely different ways to work the land (absolutely no deep ploughing) that were natural and highly productive - but defeated by the agrichemical lobby (so what's new…) .  These were developed after the first world war, and they, too, would bear resurrecting.  There are also some initiatives to take the growing of vegetables, soft fruit and other fast-growing edibles into the city centre in what appear to be rotating hydroponics carousels - which system may well be fairly advanced already in terms of how it works and the technologies employed.  

I have no idea how these potential crossovers might look, not being greatly educated in these things, but I do get the impression that permaculture, in particular, has quite a lot of dogma around it.  This would serve to create a pressure for permaculturists to 'not go there' in terms of combining what they know with other technologies, I suspect.  So, a fresh viewpoint might be valuable in bringing forward new (and non-chemicalised) options. Some serious brainstorming is called for here!

Also, it seems to me that one could go crop-by-crop and ask 'how best to handle this' in the light of reducing water (and thus, viable land) for agriculture and the fact of several other growing technologies becoming available.  Tomatoes, for instance, seem very well suited to some form of hydroponics, along with a number of other fast-forming foods.  Fig trees and date palms are a great contributor to classic permaculture.  The 'carousel' type city centre growing frames seem to do very well with lettuce, peppers and the like also.  I would like to see something similar driven entirely by solar (or even better, one of the quantum electricity devices like that being developed and licensed by Steorn in Ireland) - i.e. the turning action of the carousel, circulation pumping of water, the lighting to extend the growing time/season, and the heating, all designed to be 'off grid'.  I think we may soon find cities with a lot of power supply disruptions, so city centre crops need to be proofed against loss because there is no power on a cold day.

An appropriate dome would be the ideal housing for such technologies, since domes can generate very supportive growing energies, both inside, and outside around their base (this area being ideal for bringing on seedlings I suspect).  The image I am being given here is about 2/3rds of a sphere, encapsulating the growing system, and also being well insulated by being double glazed (or an equivalent).  Since a dome also has the lowest possible surface area, heating requirements are reduced.  If, the widest point of the sphere downwards is below ground level, an element of ground heating is also available.  I had such a dome at my previous garden and the inside would remain above freezing (with no heating) when the outside was significantly below.

I also understand that composting loos can create a really effective fertiliser - the raw material being something there is no shortage of in the city (as well as that put out by the politicians...).

I think the principle of growing where the consumer is located should be a main factor in designing new growing systems where it is possible - the idea of the greengrocer  selling 'picked this morning' fruit and vegetables is most appealing.  There are highly beneficial implications for the life-force contained therein, which is much greater than produce that has been stored / chilled / picked too early so as to prolong shelf life or any of the other ‘holding back ripening’ technologies.  City centre growing also has a potentially huge impact on the need for transportation, the cost (and even availability) of which may become a major issue going forward

I see the potential for a kind of 'toolbox' of highly productive and consumer-friendly technologies that need not rely on chemicalisation / forcing / frankenfood seeds etc.  Many of them probably exist but have never been taken out to the market or produced in a publicly available form.  A really good initiative in there somewhere.

Agriculture, at least the industrialised / highly mechanised / chemicalised type, is one of the ways that humanity brutalises Mother Earth.  Most industrialised farm land is highly depleted in minerals (hence the excessive use of chemicals, when actually, what would be much more effective is appropriate use of rock dust, i.e., mineral replacement).  I can quite see that there are alternatives which might well allow large tracts of highly stressed land to be returned to nature, because the growing technologies have become far less land dependant. Without becoming a travesty of nature vested in over-industrialised processes.

Hopefully, the above will stir up some thoughts!

Love to all,

Aka Xavier Hermes
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Re: The world is running out of Water for agriculture - but there are options!

Hi Peter,

Your thoughts have triggered a direction that I had not previously gone in.

Wilhelm Reich's Cloud Busting (Bursting) can be used for removing chemtrails and removing clouds, however, he is also famous for creating clouds to the point of rain being produced that saved a harvest from farmers (before he was imprisoned).

Now while I have not built a cloud buster, there are plenty of examples on youtube for doing so.

What appears to be the key is that for placing clouds into the sky, the cloud buster crystals need to be immersed in water.

Here is the aspect that I had not thought of before, and now I dowse it and get pretty good results, that you can actually base a cloud 'creater' in the sea (water) that will actually assist in bringing in clouds that produce rain that is appropriate for life, derived from sea water.

perhaps there is someone out there who has already got this information or has tried it already, but if the emphasis could be the retrieval of water from the sea into a natural rain water, then half of the problems of the water requirements of the World could be addressed.

I am aware that there could be a heap of complications, but the cloud busters/creators need only to exist.

Any assistance in the dowsing of this technology would be appreciated, alongside any other thoughts that this triggers (other than the  'you're nuts!' category.... we already know that).

Any thoughts please, while I try and sort out a set of similar sized crystals where I am (Middle East) to try this out.
All the best,
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Re: The world is running out of Water for agriculture - but there are options!

Makes me think of something that I heard many years ago about the Nizhoni School for Global consciousness.  What I remember is that they teach the younger kids to 'call the rain'.  Magic eh!
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