We are NOT headed for the Fifth Dimension!

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Xavier Hermes Xavier Hermes
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We are NOT headed for the Fifth Dimension!

Here is a fascinating short message that came last Friday.  The frequencies referred to are those associated with the Geolink (see separate thread) which have been growing in a way that is beyond anything I had ever imagined was possible.

Love to all,

aka Xavier Hermes

Guidance   Friday 14th January 2011

You question why your group appears to be holding frequencies above that of the fifth dimension.

The human concept of ‘dimensions’ is faulted, although it will do as a vehicle for a basic level of understanding.  Where the New Reality for planet Earth is to reside is none of these dimensions as you understand them.  In the context of your experience of linear time, something entirely new is evolving - a dimension, if you will, created specifically for the final delivery of the human experiment.

Existing higher dimensions are still affected by elements of duality, which has been a tool of creation in this Universe.  Simply put, a positive and a negative can be created from nothing, and by separating them, the physical is crafted - but ultimately this process is unstable.  In this new dimension, this is not so.  It is the master-work, a project that has run, literally, for ages, now coming to fulfilment.  It is why some seers have spoken of the Redemption of the Universe.  It is why there is so much focus on planet Earth at this time.  It is the move from unstable duality to stable trinity-in-unity, in which the assumptions for existence can and will be vastly different from what has gone before.

What is being created will raise the true physical realm (as opposed to those less physical realms where physical phenomena or context may be temporarily projected) to a frequency and context that is higher and more spiritualised than any physical realm before. It will be the blueprint that is to progressively transform all that is enduring physicality.

Your monitoring of rising frequencies is thus indicating that ‘something other’ is now in play.
Our task is to recognise our divinity as an immortal spirit: and to consciously manifest that divinity at the core of this physical incarnation.
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Re: We are NOT headed for the Fifth Dimension!

This post was updated on .
I certainly do not mind however the dimension that we are entering is seen as. As long as we
get it done and complete the master-work as it was plan to be achieved. High frequency,
creative abilities and our ascension raising our true physical realm to more spiritualized context
then before. This is truly an exciting event for all of us.
Bring the healing of our deepest self, giving what is endless
to those who believe their end is in sight, by brightening
their path.
Lady of the Woods Lady of the Woods
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Re: We are NOT headed for the Fifth Dimension!

In reply to this post by Xavier Hermes
I didn't know that it was believed we were all going to the 5th dimension.

''final delivery of the human experiment''....yes.

And yes, what is taking place has never occurred in the history of the HuMan. Something along the lines of 3D collapsing, and other things, never to occur again since infiltration/duality has resulted in havoc.

I tend to think that many are going ''home'' to alternate realities/dimensions etc since many come from higher dimensions anyway, some to 5D for their first trip there, and others to higher ones too....the places are many.

so what is this ''trinity-in-unity'' ?
"Credendo Vides"
By Believing, One Sees.
Xavier Hermes Xavier Hermes
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Re: We are NOT headed for the Fifth Dimension!

Aha, dear Lady of the Woods, I have just seen your post here.  It seems so cross-related to what I posted a few hours later on the Geolink thread that I think it is worth repeating that posting here: plus my thoughts on trinity-in-unity.

Zurali, you also asked about the emerging two time-lines.  My understanding for a long time was that everyone would finally be in the shift / jump when it came: then it started to evolve into one jump but more than one destination, with each incarnated soul going to the most appropriate option for next the soul 'educational task'.  There are clearly those who still want to play out duality, and not withstanding the 'loop in time' I have written about elsewhere in this forum, perhaps the loop will not collect them all.

Actually, even that 4-500 frequency that seems to be the lower option is, never the less, much higher than the old 200 that we were stuck at for so many generations. And, whereas the old duality had continually fallen to that point, this new, lower path seems to be the beginning of a rising frequency reality, still a duality, I think, but with very different ground rules.  So, I ask my pendulum how many primary destinations there might now be, and get four.  Hmmm...

OK, these appear to be:

1) The New Reality at this high frequency we are monitoring as it (and we) develop, and based on trinity-in-unity
2) The new duality, on a rising frequency carrier (as it were)
3) Those who 'return home', having arrived here from some other civilisation / reality / dimension with the intent to serve and eventually go back
4) A few who will return to the Godhead direct, because that is where they came here from

There are also a large number of entities embodied here that are some kind of automaton or soul-less being.  As far as I can tell, they will simply cease to be, since there is no soul within to move forward.

Finally, there are bodies built specifically to house 'visitors', those who require physical housing-in-a-body temporarily - they will simply withdraw when the time comes.

As to how this will show up - right now, I really don't have a clue!

On the 'trinity-in-unity' thought.  As far as I understand it, when the Universal Consciousness becomes part of our reality - in the sense of our own awakened consciousness - we transform the world around us from duality to trinity (a shorthand for that transformation being a journey through frequency).  At the same time, the meme of 'we are all one' becomes far more of a 'real' experience as we start to feel, possibly even see, our interconnectedness with all things, i.e., not just during the higher and more inspired moments of our spiritual work, but as a day-by-day component of our lives.

Or something like that...

Peter / Xavier Hermes
Our task is to recognise our divinity as an immortal spirit: and to consciously manifest that divinity at the core of this physical incarnation.
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Re: We are NOT headed for the Fifth Dimension!

In reply to this post by Xavier Hermes
we are all here to ascend this physical stuff--body, earth, 3D. this is a  contract job.
we are not humans. we are not ascending us, we are ascending those energies whose
frequencies we lowered , to play the Divine GAME.
when we are done, we will go wherever we, as Higher Self , would want to be.

ascension to 5d is just the beginning.no, 4d is. there are humans who are going to 4D to
play in the thousand years of peace and prosperity.

however,there is a dispensation from Heaven,
 for those who came to ascend this material world: we can ascend up to
11 th dimension( in a 12 dimensional model where the  and 11th  D
are the home base  of us as Elohim creator Gods. STRAIGHT TO  11th dimension.
we gave this reward to ourselves, guys, for job well done..!

there are some of you who have meditated on building your lightbody up to 14 th level
this is the  Source-Self level of you.this is the destination to 11th dimension.You are utterly at one
with Prime Creator. (did i say that..? YOU ARE PRIME CREATOR)

there are some of you who are building your lightbodies up to 12 th level.
this is the Christ level or 5th dimension. you are homo-christos here. planetary master.
not a blade of grass will blow in the wind without your knowing. YOU, AWESOME YOU.

there are some who are building their lightbodies up to 13th level. this is the I AM level of your being.
you are a  galactic consciousness . You are the very substance of billions of stars.

need i say more..?

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Re: We are NOT headed for the Fifth Dimension!

oh, yah....!
i forgot sumptin'...
we are now in the 9th wave of the.. UNDERWORLD.
we are in for some big stuff.

the 10th level of lightbody.
the levels of lightbody is not controlled by the human self.
it is controlled by you, the Higher SElf.
but let me talk about what we are expecting within the 9th wave.
most of you are becoming AVATARS. fully functioning multidimensional beings.
when you ascend to 5d you will have no physical body. instead you will look like huge
orbs of light. a thought with incredible creative powers.

anyway, we are heading there. some of you have intense descensions that
it blew off your gaskets. you do not know who you are anymore. Your egoes got blasted out of its seat,
and your angelic identities came in, and sat on your power chakra.  OUCH. very disorienting.

your psychic abilities are coming on line. your bodies are being tweaked to look younger., you left your genetic diseases to bite the dust.you see fireletters in your meditations,
your IQs are going to stratosphere. you are falling in love with your "enemies"
but..... you have no , i mean your left linear brain is clueless.

relax. you are becoming multidimensional. expect your multidimensional powers to come on line. SOON.
you know,.....the ones you left behind to come here and play , being human.      lets start. you will look more etheric, you will teleport anywhere naturally, you will precipitate anything you "need" at the moment.
etc., etc.,

 and  when time to ascend earth mother, you will see millions of gigantic orbs , LIKE YOU around her , in and around the atmosphere to assist her in her transformation.

i am excited, are you..?